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Since egg met sperm we've been growing in the same way that everything in the Universe, including the Universe itself has been growing.....
From the inside out!

From a concentrated mass of atomic energy, compact focused energy, we expand and evolve to embody greater order, organization, complexity, stability and resilience. 

With this in mind defines a unique set of movement principles. 

Moving Forward Step 1 : Activate your Center of Gravity.
1. Sit up tall and straight on a firm chair or stool. Relax your shoulders, hands, and feet.
2. ow out all the air in your body and squeeze your abs tight.
2. With abs held tight, continue to squeeze ever tighter as you breath normally. 
3. Tilt up on your pelvis, for increased ab tension. 

Congratulations - you now know how to do the 4 Hano Internal Techniques (HIT)
1. Hano Neutral 

2. AbTight
3. AbTight Breathing
4. Power Pelvis
This is the smartest and safest way to strengthen, rebuild or regain balance with or with a balance disorder.

MISSION 2: Let's Get Growing.
Once b

Benefits upon Benefits.

- start a chain reaction of positive processes. 
Physical Balance informs mental and emotional balance. and str
For those few moments you took control of your internal environment.  felt a more concentrated power. With continued practice and greater challenges you'll develop radical balance to attain for the strongest and most vital connections you can make within your Self, to the Earth and to the Universe.

Starting with the Center of Gravity is the safest and smartest way to build balance, with or without a balance disorder.

Easiest "Exercise"
Zero Impact
Without doing much
you just did a lot -Situps without moving.Zero impactDidn't need to use your hands or feet

Balance creates internal order and organization of our otherwise random arms and legs.
. balance we lose internal order, the loss of physical balance 
vement, strengthen the strongest connection you can make between your Self and the Earth. contemplation with meditation or yoga, and creating positive emotions that will have an impact on the emergence of endorphins or often called 'happy hormones'.

Center of Gravity (CG)
The CG is the starting point of movement.

Looking at structure of CG, core abs whatever call them they are the largest muscle / least bony part of our body making it potentially strongest and most flexible.


PHYSICS order, electromagnetic force

Balance is the first and most important key to lifelong health and fitness. Balance creates a connectioThe smartest and easiest way that anyone can improve their balance is to start by awakening their Center of Gravity. 

Biology: The CG is the largest muscle/least bony part of us. Means its potentially strongest and most flexible. 
at Center of Gravity (CG). The most important aspect of health is Balance.  The CG is key to our richer Self and its also our connection to Earth and the electromagnetic force of the Universe. 

Through this practice a chain reaction of biologic and neuroplastic upgrades begin. It can be called growing, evolving, learning or healing, we consider it moving in the direction of Infinite Fitness (IF).

With Hano every small amount of energy invested returns the greatest amount of benefits..
You'll barely move a bone, you'll activate the most muscle and you'll get your health rolling the right direction


Beginning workouts 5-15 minutes
Zero impact, gentlest on joints, No hands, and/or no feet.
 In fact, the most intense Hano movements require hardly any moving at all.

Level 1: Seated - for those with the greatest imbalance, least ability
Level 2 : Standing 2 Legged
Level 3 : 1 Legged 
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