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Imbalance gave me a fresh perspective and opportunity

to rebuild my Self through purely innate movement.




In 2008 both my inner ears stopped working - I have bilateral Meniere's. Without that innate sense of balance I felt like I was always moving, never feeling fully in touch with the ground or using the full force of gravity. It took so much effort to keep from falling all the time. ived in a constant state of motion years feeling as if I was in a constant state of motion aged me like 20 had passed. My eyesight bounced (oscillopsia), my pupils sometimes spasmed (nystagmus) my hearing was unreliable, I was sensitive to sound, light and movement, on high alert, with swollen and painful joints, I had little patience and massive anxiety. As my issues piled on, my world shrank, there was so much I couldn't tolerate or feared. 

I knew exercise could help me feel better, but now with so many physical problems, it really wasn't possible; my feet hurt too much for cardio, my hands were too weak to hold weights and moving felt awful. Desperate for relief, one day I just sat down on a stool in a front of a mirror and did what felt good. No big surprise that a big deep breath came first. Then with concentrated effort I brought all the tension of my body into my abs, squeezed them hard, while exhaling and relaxing the rest of me.  

Then, whoa...WHAT? My eyeballs stopped bouncing - the me in the mirror sat still. Then, when I let go of that tension transfer - there I was bouncing again. But for sure, I knew I was to something!

Within just a couple of weeks then months of 5-15 minutes sessions I progressed far beyond where I started and much quicker than I would have thought possible considering I was hardly moving at all.The bounciness in my vision was now permanently less violent and never had another pupil spasm again. 

What I was doing was so unlike any workout I'd ever done before and I set out researching how and why this kind of inside out exercise worked as well as it did. From every perspective I looked at aligned with best practice, so full of benfit doing the least amount of harm. 

Aligned with our biology, our chemistry and the natural laws of physics and force the Universe we live in. Became more than just a workout, this way of exercising aligned with so many other sciences, metaphysics, mystics, exercise deserved a theory of it's Theory of Infinite Fitness. previous unified theories and defined a theory of health and fitness 

I starting researching and piled up so much info and support for my thought from really smart people across numerous disciplines that it became my The Theory of Infinite Fitness. 


"Hano is  derived from the Yiddish word for enjoyment in honor of  my grandparents."


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